We at WDA continue to monitor safety guidelines and the latest information about the coronavirus. In addition to staying informed with daily infection rates; we exercise the health guidelines of wearing mask and social distancing when interacting with our staff and clients. We have asked all staff to clean their workspaces regularly with disinfectants and practice regular handwashing.

Our staff has adopted working in two different modes. A majority of the staff is working remotely, while a small percentage of us work in the office in separate parts of the building. WDA has adapted to the different ‘virtual’ platforms with clients, consultants, and contractors. Although not every issue can be handled in a virtual meeting, construction related issues continue to be resolved at the job site with key personnel.

Our goal is to keep everyone safe, healthy, and wiser when this pandemic is over. Until then, feel free to contact us.

WDA was founded in 1986 and has grown into one of the most trusted architectural firms in the El Paso region. Our reputation as a full-service architectural firm has allowed us to thrive on projects at the regional, state, federal, public, and private sectors

We have extensive experience in the planning, design, construction management, and project management of facilities in the commercial, residential, multi-family housing, educational, and land development areas

WDA promotes and incorporates sustainability into all of our projects; which in turn produce high performance buildings that add value to our clients’ facilities and are environmentally friendly

Our mission is to go above and beyond our client’s expectations and to deliver designs solutions that achieve the client’s objectives. By accomplishing these high-quality standards on our projects, we have built trusted relationships with our clients and throughout the construction industry.

Wright & Dalbin Architects, Inc. celbrating 35 Years